As a documentary family photographer, I firmly believe in the merits of documenting all the little, normal moments of our days. 

But that doesn't mean that the BIG moments are somehow less worthy of documenting.

And getting on a two-wheeler for the very first time --and completely taking off without hesitation-- is a pretty big moment.

Truth be told these pictures a *a bit* staged... My husband had gone for a run with the kids (him running with Eloise in the jogger, the boys biking), after which he always goes around the block a few times with Eloise on her balance bike. She still gets the chance to "bike" and he gets to cool down. Well, this particular day, he decided to put her on Andrew's old bike.

Without telling me.

Me, his wife that neurotically documents everything. EVERYTHING.

And he didn't tell me he was putting her on a bike for the first time.


So we went right back out and she got the chance to do it all again. She's pretty proud of the fact that she's riding a "big girl bike", and I'm so glad I have these images of her first... um second... time on a bike.

Next up in this month's circle is Hannah Nielsen Photography and Bennett. Trust me, you can never get enough Bennett. 

  • Hannah Nielsen

    on August 8, 2015

    OMG I would kill my husband!!! I'm glad you got to re-do the moment, but whaaaat?!?!? He totally knows better :) And just for that, you chopped off his head in every shot. I love it. I really love those curls sticking out from under the helmet. So sweet!!!

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