Stories in Seven - July

This last week, we've been lucky enough to have Grandma here to visit --and help organize, sort, inventory, and pack!-- and she brought along my sister's two boys. It was a sad, hard goodbye when we left them in Regina at Easter, so we contrived a way to get them out here one last time.

We've managed a trip to Toys R Us, a 4th birthday party for Eloise, a Canada Day game marathon, the RCMP Musical Ride, a trip to the Museum of War, the new Avengers movie, an outdoor movie at the beach, Laser Quest, AND have gone swimming three times. All in eleven days! No time spent together would be complete without a trip to the comic book store, in this case, L'As Des Jeux (The Game Buff) here in Gatineau. This shop used to be just down the hill from us, but recently moved into some fancy new digs. 

One of the best parts of the new location is the large game room, with hundreds of open games on the shelves that the employees actually show you how to play. I will not confess to how many times we've gone there "for one thing" and walked out with a BAG full of new games. The staff is helpful, fun, and so knowledgeable. They know their stuff!

If you're wondering which game the kids are playing at the end, it's La Chasse Aux Monstres, which I understand they're having a hard time keeping in stock. Definitely a new favourite of ours. It's a  cooperative game, so the kids have to work towards something TOGETHER rather than battle against each other. I know there are many games like this, but it's our first. 

It has quickly become one of my kids favourite stores, and is conveniently located between my favourite health food store and a new ice cream shop.

The irony is not lost on me.

Now head over to Tiffany Roberts Photography to see what she did when her new underwater camera.

  • Jana O

    on July 9, 2015

    Beautiful story Amy, and I LOVE the idea of a place to try out games!! How smart!

  • Hannah Nielsen

    on July 8, 2015

    I just love your black and whites! What fun images to take with you when the family is far away. Love.

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