Stories in Seven - September

This month has meant some huge changes for our family. The house was packed up, we loaded as much as we could into suitcases and made the 26 hour trip (that turned into a 48+ hour trip), to Abuja, Nigeria. 

Long before we left, I had the idea that I really wanted to document this time in our lives and our last moments together in our house. Practicing what I preach and all that. Brandon of Brandon McCarrell Cinema & Photo is the talented man behind all the amazing photography and video productions at our church. I'm in love with how he documented our family. 

For this month's Stories in Seven blog post, I'm sharing all the detail shots he took. Messy tables, empty rolls of tape, cleared shelves, cats perched up on boxes... and our last meal sitting on the floor of our empty living room.

It's a small circle this month. The beginning of September is such a busy time, with school starting and trying to find a routine. So you have no excuses not to click through to the other talented ladies. Hannah of Hannah Nielsen Photography is next.

  • Hannah Nielsen

    on September 8, 2015

    It's amazing how much story these images with no faces tell. I love them! He did a great job! And I love the ones with the faces too haha!

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