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My name is Amy... the "Jay" is for my middle name, Joanna. Why not use my married name? Well, it's Bundy. Which generally conjures images of rude, redneck sitcom families... or serial killers (no relation to either, promise!). As neither of these embodied happy families, the awesomeness of birth, or love-filled weddings... I settled on Amy Jay.  :)

My first DSLR camera was a Christmas gift from my parents the year before my dad died. After his death, I committed myself to using his last gift to its full potential. I often wish he was around to see how far I've taken my love of photography. I know he would've been one of my biggest fans and supporters.

While photography is my passion, my full-time job is Homeschooling Mom to Four Kids. The hours are long, the pay is terrible, and my four "bosses" are often demanding little dictators... but it's the best job in the world. My kids are my constant companions (constant... as in 24/7!) and are subjected to my photographic whims on a daily basis. They moan and complain... but I know that someday they'll appreciate all the times I shove the camera in their faces.

My hope is that, looking back at all the pictures I take, they'll remember their childhood... not only what they looked like at various ages, but what it felt like to grow up in this family. And I hope they see the love. 

Our life isn't perfect, but it's perfectly ours. 

And YOUR LIFE is perfectly yours. Your unposed, unstyled, normal, authentic moments are beautiful... and absolutely worth photographing. More and more, I've come to realize that it's these MOMENTS that I love to photograph. The images that stop me in my tracks as I'm editing a session... that make me FEEL something... that tell a story.

I'd love to tell your story. 

  • Simon, age 7 1/2
  • at the park
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