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Documenting our Days - July

Since I can't seem to motivate myself to blog regularly, I've joined another blog circle for accountability. 

And for inspiration.

The aim of this new circle is to challenge us to document some oft-neglected parts of our day. Parts that are often overlooked. This month, the time was breakfast.

Unfortunately, this month was also CRAZY. 

With my mom and nephews here for a visit, there were nine people in the house, all generally eating at different times. We're also in the midst of preparing for our move to Nigeria (less than three weeks until the movers come!). I took a TON of pictures this month, but haven't even had the chance to load and go through them.

Therefore, I present for your viewing pleasure some images from a storytelling Day In The Life session I did this fall. Flannel jammies, a little girl's first time making toast, the battle to get dressed, and a family walk. 

Our breakfast routines are often so, well, routine. Both they are not without their beauty and are absolutely worth documenting. If you'd like to see how morning unfolds for some other talented photographers, please click through the circle. Next up is Jen from Jen Faith Brown Photography.

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