Documenting our Days - October

This month's Documenting our Days challenge was to pull out our cameras and capture what was going on at 10:30am. We didn't have anything planned for this particular day. When my alarm went off, I essentially walked around the house with my camera for about 15 minutes... after washing and filling my coffee mug.

- Liam doing homework... un-enthusiastically

- Eloise and Andrew playing Playmobil

- Simon reading (a real shocker)

- Peter working at the computer

- putting the cats outside for a bit

Throw in a snack and some silliness and this is a pretty typical non-school-day morning for us. Nothing too terribly exciting. Just snippets of our life here. Thankfully, the piles of boxes has decreased significantly since these pictures were taken. We aren't quite through with the unpacking, but we're getting there. More slowly than perhaps Peter would like, but we're getting there. 

As I was going through these images to select ones for this post, I realized that these are the last pictures we have of Pepper. Two days after these were taken, she became tangled with her cord in the backyard and died. The kids were all pretty devastated. I'll not soon forget their response when we told them that she was dead. It's only been a week since it happened, so I still expect to see her run into the kitchen every time she hears someone reach for the bowls we feed them in.

I am thankful that we have these last pictures. 

Next in this month's blog circle is the wonderfully talented Marie of Fearless and Framed. If you're a photographer and have never visited her blog, you're missing out on an amazing resource and a tonne of inspiration. 

Amy Jay Photo is an Ottawa family photographer specializing in Documentary Family Photography and Birth Photography. However, at this time, I am on a short hiatus... living in Nigeria! Storytelling photography is my passion. I would love to tell your family's story... when I get back to Canada. :) In the meantime, feel free to follow along with my family as we adventure in Africa.

  • Jasmine Keath

    on October 22, 2015

    I love all these photos! The last two are extra touching knowing the story behind them.

  • Stephanie Minior

    on October 22, 2015

    These are crazy good! Your angles and shots are amazing. Love the scabbed knee, your daughter on the coffee table, and the toys. Genius. I'm so sorry about your kitty. But I'm so happy that you have these photos to remember her.

  • Donna Coppin

    on October 21, 2015

    These are wonderful! The reading shots are really great. Oh, and I love their curly hair!

  • Hannah Cross

    on October 21, 2015

    These are all so beautiful Amy. You really have an eye for making your photos of ordinary things look like pieces of art! And the photos of your kitties are so touching... I am so glad you took the time to photograph them before the tragedy.

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