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Documenting our Days - September

For this month's Documenting our Days blog circle, the theme was "chores". Like many of the participants, I found this challenging... but not for the same reason as the other ladies involved in the group.

The reason this was difficult --and at the risk of you all hating me!-- is that with our move to Nigeria, we've also recently employed a housekeeper.

And a cook.

And a driver (for school transportation and running errands like shopping and groceries).

So it's not so much as I couldn't get good pictures of chores being done... it's just that our "chore load" has SIGNIFICANTLY diminished since our move here!

And I'm really enjoying it!

Currently, the kids' only chores are:

- emptying their school bags of all food-related storage items

- taking their dishes to the kitchen

- opening and closing the many curtains in their rooms each morning/evening

- doing the odd load of dishes on the weekend when Angela isn't here

Rough life, eh??

Admittedly this will change once our shipment of goods arrives. But at this point, there's just not much to do. Even to tidy. The kids have a dozen books, a couple Lego sets each (built within our first week of arriving here), and their iPads. Not much else. When our house in more full and lived in, I absolutely intend to add in more regular chores for them. I don't want them completely forgetting how to clean and tidy during our time here!

I, however, am happy to let MY skills in that department temporarily lapse. ;)

That picture is what it looks like to do dishes in the dark. The power goes out here as many as a dozen times each day. Within a few minutes the generator kicks in, but we find ourselves in the dark daily. 

Next in the circle is Jodie from JLB Photography from Wagga Wagga, Australia.

Amy Jay Photo is an Ottawa family photographer specializing in Documentary Family Photography and Birth Photography. However, at this time, I am on a short hiatus... living in Nigeria! Storytelling photography is my passion. I would love to tell your family's story... when I get back to Canada. :) In the meantime, feel free to follow along with my family as we adventure in Africa.

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