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Local Outings - September | Ottawa Family Photographer

Recently the opportunity came up to join some other talented photographers in a new blog circle, the goal being to document our families on a "local outing" each month. Seeing as we're in a new city, in a new country, I figured this would be just the motivation I needed to take the time to deliberately photograph parts of our life here in Nigeria.

This month's theme was anything to do with water.

We live in a great area here. Our home is part of a neighbourhood that has access to two different pools (each with its own clubhouse), two tennis courts, squash courts, a gym, a couple small playgrounds, and ample smooth roads (with plenty of speed bumps) for the kids to ride their scooters or bikes on.

If you read my last post, you'll also know that we're luckyluckylucky enough to also have a housekeeper working for us. It's only part-time (three days per week), but BOY. IS. IT. NICE. 

*whispers* We also have a cook two afternoons per week.

Don't hate me!

All this extra help equates to actually having time to take advantage of the pools and everything else this place has to offer!

And believe me when I say that we have been taking FULL advantage.

Next in the circle is Hoboken, NJ, family photographer Noelle Soroka... digging for fossils with her kids on the muddy banks of a river. Go see for yourself.

Amy Jay Photo is an Ottawa family photographer specializing in Documentary Family Photography and Birth Photography. However, at this time, I am on a short hiatus... living in Nigeria! Storytelling photography is my passion. I would love to tell your family's story... when I get back to Canada. :) In the meantime, feel free to follow along with my family as we adventure in Africa.

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